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Microwave Parts, Lamps magetrons, screens, ignigtor bulbs
Microwave Parts

Safety Products- Gloves, Hand Cleaner, Eye protection, Full Body protection Ink & Coating Handling: Storing, Mixing, Dispenisng, Measuring Maintenace & Shop: Clean-Up Supplies, Shop Supplies, Shop Lighting, Static Control, Shop Safety, Equipment Maintenance. Curing Controls: Speed Monitors, Temperature & Air Monitors, UV Radiation Dose Monitors, Degree of Polymerization, Film Thickness Controls, Physical Test Equipment, UV Inspection. Curing Equipment: Laboratory Curing Equipment, Small Area Curing Equipment, Low Intensity UV Lamps, Replacement UV Lamps, UV Curing Equipment. Printing Supplies: Screen Printing Supplies, Squeegee and Accessories, Applicators, Screen Making Supplies, Screen Cleaning Supplies, Offset Printing Supplies, Graphic Arts Supplies, Color Inspection, Pantone Products, Bench Magnifiers, Folding Magnifiers, Lighted Magnifiers, Swivel-Arm Magnifiers, Microscopes, Graphic Arts Supplies.
Safety Products Ink Coating & Handling Maintenance & Shop Curing Controls Curing Equipment Printing Supplies


Markets Served

UV Process Supply develops and manufactures the SAF-T-CURE® and CON-TROL-CURE® product lines.  These brands represent a wide spectrum of products, applications and industries specific solutions.  A sampling of these industries and their corresponding application follows:

Type of Company

Coatings and Adhesive Inks and Printing Electronics Food & Medical Chemical Processing
Aerospace Industry x x x   x
Amusement Product Manufacturing x x x
Apparel & Finished Textile Manufacturing x x     x
Appliance Manufacturing x x x
Automotive Product Manufacturing x x x    
Beverage Bottlers x x x
Can Producers & Packagers x x   x x
Centralized Government Agencies x x x x x
Chemical & Petroleum Cos. x x x x x
Communication Equipment Mfrs. x x x x
Construction Product Mfrs. x x     x
Electronic & Computer Mfrs. x x x x
Electrical & Equipment Mfrs. x   x    
Food Processors x x x
Food Process Equipment Mfrs.         x
Glass Product Mfrs. x x x
High Energy Radiation Mfrs. x x x x x
Holding & Investment Cos. x x x x x
Industrial Product Mfrs. x x x    
Medical Product Mfrs. x
Metal Coil & Strip Coaters and Laminators x x      
Office Equipment Producers x x x
Oil & Gas Production Cos. x x x x x
Packaging Equipment Mfrs. x x x x
Paper & Forest Product Mfrs. x x   x x
Pharmaceutical Mfrs. x
Printing Equipment Mfrs. x x x    
Printing & Publishing Firms x x
Pollution Control Equipment Mfrs.         x
Polymer & Elastomer Cos. x x x x x
Radio & TV Mfrs. x x x    
Scientific Eqpt. Mfrs. x x x
Solar Energy System Mfrs. x x x x  
Textile Mfrs. x x x
Wire & Cable Coaters   x x   x
Type of Company Coatings and Adhesive Inks and Printing Electronics Food & Medical Chemical Processing

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