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Microwave Parts, Lamps magetrons, screens, ignigtor bulbs
Microwave Parts

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International Sales Representative Program




Microwave Parts




Our complete line of UV related products
is now available to you and your customers.

UV Process Supply, Inc. has focused its business on the direct sale of its products to UV curing end users through catalogs and direct mail (company).  Now we are making a significant change in how we do business, by offering our complete line of products for sale through authorized representatives.  Because of your current sales activity in markets (markets) that utilize UV curing, we are inviting you to consider becoming a part of this exciting, new program.  If you would like to add a complete line of problem solving UV products, including supplies, test instruments and UV curing systems to your product line, we would like to discuss the possibility with you.

For over 25 years UV Process Supply has worked to build its product line of UV related supplies and equipment.  No other company can offer a Representative program with such a comprehensive selection of UV products (products). Today, our 2,000+ products offer complete solutions for all aspects of UV curing.  Using the brand names, SAF-T-CURE and CON-TROL-CURE, all of our products are selected and tested to be the best for use in UV applications. 

UV Process Supply has recently introduced a product line of spare parts designed to replace the parts used on Fusion UV curing systems. This comprehensive, new product line includes over 100 different microwave spare parts (microwave parts), including UV bulbs, reflectors, RF screens, ignitor bulbs, RF detectors and magnetrons.  Many other parts needed for short and long term maintenance are also available. 

If you would like to be included in our new Representative program, (program) we ask you to complete our Representative Questionnaire (questionnaire/application).  (Please print and fax back the completed form). The answers on your questionnaire will help us to learn about your company and its sales activities.  When we receive your questionnaire we will give it our immediate attention and reply to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your consideration.  If you require additional information or have questions about or company, products or program, please do not hesitate to contact us.

With regards,

UV Process Supply, Inc.
Stephen B. Siegel

Phone:  +1-773-248-0099
Fax:       +1-773-880-6647

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