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Lighthouse UV Curing Systems feature Con-Trol-Cures patented, highly focused reflector geometry and new housing architecture to deliver higher UV cure energy, greater energy efficiency, and cooler running systems than comparable UV irradiators. This performance, combined with Lighthouse's design flexibility enables exceptional performance and efficient operation for virtually all UV curing processes.

Due to their patented design features, Lighthouse UV Curing Systems offer unparalleled performance at highly competitive prices. Each extruded aluminum housing dissipates heat more efficiently than traditional designs while maintaining the lamp's desired operating temperature for consistent cure results. Combined with Lighthouse's optimally focused reflector geometry, each system generates 20% more energy at the substrate surface than other systems.

Lighthouse UV Curing Systems have been designed with the user in mind. Lamp and reflector replacement requires less than 5 minutes labor due to the system's quick-release hardware. Built-in mounting channels along 3 sides of the lamp housing make new installations or retrofits simple. As well, the universal lamp holder accepts virtually all popular makes of lamp.


By replacing the aluminum extrusion found in most UV lamp housings with a unique multi-rib system, the Lighthouse's air flow pattern permits unobstructed cooling throughout the housing. The innovative v-shaped reflector is also supported in a manner to create an air channel along the inside of the reflector. As the air is directed along the reflector so as not to interfere with lamp performance, overall efficiency is maintained. Fan-blown air also flows along the outside of the reflector so both sides are cooled simultaneously.


The Lighthouse's universal lamp holders feature a swivel clamping system which accepts any lamp of any manufacturer -- ceramic or metal end fitting. This system also permits the adjustment of lamp focus to ensure that any lamp can be placed in exact focus position for optimal performance. The universal mounting channels allow for a quick and easy retrofit into any 3rd party production system,


For 2-dimensional product applications, Lighthouse 3/4 Elliptical UV Curing Systems (shuttered or unshuttered) offer a compact design and tight energy focus for easy installation on printing presses, conveyors and in-line coating operations.
Custom arc lengths from 2 to 77. For 77+", please call. Special options are available.
Available shuttered or non-shuttered.


This unique focus geometry, utilizing the Lighthouse housing, allows the UV lamp to be placed 10" away from your substrate. By creating this large distance between the lamp and your product, many benefits are realized. Cooling is much easier and more heat sensitive substrates can be UV cured. As well, the farther away a UV lamp is from the substrate, the smaller the angle of incidence is. That is, the light hitting your product is entering at a more perpendicular angle, with less UV light being deflected off at odd angles. Therefore, more light penetrates your ink or coating and your curing power is magnified. This technology is also available in a 2-lamp system called the Lighthouse Dual Cure.
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The Dual Cure works in the same way as the 10" Focus Housing, however, 2 lamps are configured in the housing, creating extraordinary curing power. While there are just 2 lamps providing the curing in this system, it cures with the power, intensity and speed of comparable 3-lamp configurations. The addition of the 2nd curing lamp gives this system a 130% boost over a singular 10" focus lamp.


This 4 lamp, 400W/in curing system outperforms the competition, while maintaining the value pricing that CON-TROL-CURE is known for. Utilizing its patented housing geometry, the Cure Tunnel represents the next generation in high-speed, 3-D curing.

The 4 asymmetrically mounted lamps in the Cure Tunnel provide curing power to the substrate utilizing a unique and efficient layout. Each of the 400W/in lamp units is fixed at a 45 angle. This exclusive configuration enables this unit to outperform systems retailing at nearly 2-1/2 times the price! The Cure Tunnel even has power to spare. A current customer has exhibited satisfactory cure while running their system at only half-power (200W/in). The dual lamp layout allows for greater air circulation, keeping the substrate significantly cooler than traditional lamp configurations. Recent performance tests verified that under normal operating conditions, these lamps impart minimal heat onto the substrate. A galvanized steel pipe left the Cure Tunnel with an exit temperature of 76F. Such a dramatic reduction in temperature over comparable systems means heat sensitive substrates (plastic, PVC, etc.) can be cured using the Cure Tunnel.

THE ROTATOR-- The new alternative to shuttered systems

For UV curing systems over 36", shuttered housings pose a problem due to the flexibility and play that the shutters allow when they reach these lengths. As they heat up, this problem is magnified. In order to achieve the desired UV light elimination, most competing systems simply line-up 2 shorter housings, end-to-end. A better, alternative solution has been devised. Introducing the CON-TROL-CURE Rotator system. Instead of attempting to close long, warped shutters, the Rotator actually rotates the lamp housing itself. Using an innovative ball bearing hinge, the Rotator rotates the housing 90, allowing the light to be safely captured in a capture box. The Rotator length is limited only by the length of your lamp.

Whether you are installing a new UV curing system or looking to upgrade or retrofit an existing production line, UV Process Supply offers Lighthouse systems and components to meet your specific requirements. From conventional conveyorized applications to purpose-built systems for high-speed, 3-D applications, UV Process can provide cost-effective solutions for all of your UV curing needs.

Give us a call to discuss how UV Process Supplys Lighthouse UV Curing Systems can be put to work for you in your applications.

For more information, visit the CON-TROL-CURE website at:

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Part No.Desc.PriceOrder
A003-004EQLH:SHUTTEREXTRUSIONS$12.50 / INCHorder now
A012-015EQLH:SHUTTERED SYSTEMCall for price
A012-016CONV:CONVEYORZED SYSTMCall for price
A012-017EQLH:IRRADIATORCall for price
A012-028CONV:CONV 12X36IN$2,053.00 / EACHorder now
A013-0--EQLH:CUSTOM IRRADIATORCall for price
A013-006NEQLH:STD NONSH 6IN$616.00 / EACHorder now
A013-006NTEQLH:STD NONSH 6IN W/T$710.00 / EACHorder now
A013-008NEQLH:STD NONSH 8IN$641.00 / EACHorder now
A013-008NTEQLH:STD NONSH 8IN W/T$735.00 / EACHorder now
A013-010NEQLH:STD NONSH 10IN$665.00 / EACHorder now
A013-010NTEQLH:STD NONSH10IN W/T$824.00 / EACHorder now
A013-011NTEQLH:STD NONSH11IN W/T$830.00 / EACHorder now
A013-012NEQLH:STD NONSH 12IN$795.00 / EACHorder now
A013-012NTEQLH:STD NONSH12IN W/T$839.00 / EACHorder now
A013-015NEQLH:STD NONSH 15IN$725.00 / EACHorder now
A013-015NTEQLH:STD NONSH15IN W/T$865.00 / EACHorder now
A013-015STEQLH:STD SHUT 15IN W/$1,475.00 / EACHorder now
A013-018NTEQLH:STD NONSH18IN W/T$880.00 / EACHorder now
A013-020NEQLH:STD NONSH 20IN$788.00 / EACHorder now
A013-020NTEQLH:STD NONSH20IN W/T$905.00 / EACHorder now
A013-024NEQLH:STD NONSH 24IN$836.00 / EACHorder now
A013-024NTEQLH:STD NONSH24IN W/T$960.00 / EACHorder now
A013-025NEQLH:STD NONSH 25IN$850.00 / EACHorder now
A013-025NTEQLH:STD NONSH25IN W/T$975.00 / EACHorder now
A013-028NTEQLH:STD NONSH28IN W/T$1,045.00 / EACHorder now
A013-030NEQLH:STD NONSH 30IN$910.00 / EACHorder now
A013-030NTEQLH:STD NONSH30IN W/T$1,045.00 / EACHorder now
A013-032NEQLH:STD NONSH 32IN$935.00 / EACHorder now
A013-032NTEQLH:STD NONSH32IN W/T$1,075.00 / EACHorder now
A013-036NEQLH:STD NONSH 36IN$1,008.00 / EACHorder now
A013-038NEQLH:STD NONSH 38IN$1,008.00 / EACHorder now
A013-038NTEQLH:STD NONSH38IN W/T$1,140.00 / EACHorder now
A013-040NEQLH:STD NONSH 40IN$1,033.00 / EACHorder now
A013-040NTEQLH:STD NONSH40IN W/T$1,190.00 / EACHorder now
A013-042NEQLH:STD NONSH 42IN$1,057.00 / EACHorder now
A013-042NTEQLH:STD NONSH42IN W/T$1,215.00 / EACHorder now
A013-048NEQLH:STD NONSH 48IN$1,131.00 / EACHorder now
A013-048NTEQLH:STD NONSH48IN W/T$1,375.00 / EACHorder now
A013-050NEQLH:STD NONSH 50IN$1,155.00 / EACHorder now
A013-050NTEQLH:STD NONSH50IN W/T$1,330.00 / EACHorder now
A013-052NEQLH:STD NONSH 52IN$1,160.00 / EACHorder now
A013-052NTEQLH:STD NONSH52IN W/T$1,335.00 / EACHorder now
A013-055NEQLH:STD NONSH 55IN$1,218.00 / EACHorder now
A013-055NTEQLH:STD NONSH55IN W/T$1,400.00 / EACHorder now
A013-060NEQLH:STD NONSH 60IN$1,278.00 / EACHorder now
A013-060NTEQLH:STD NONSH60IN W/T$1,470.00 / EACHorder now
A013-065NEQLH:STD NONSH 65IN$1,341.00 / EACHorder now
A013-065NTEQLH:STD NONSH65IN W/T$1,545.00 / EACHorder now
A013-072NTEQLH:STD NONSH72IN W/T$1,630.00 / EACHorder now
A013-077NEQLH:STD NONSH 77IN$1,488.00 / EACHorder now
A013-077NTEQLH:STD NONSH77IN W/T$1,975.00 / EACHorder now
A143-003EQUIP:UV CHAMBR LVH300$389.00 / EACHorder now
A143-004EQUIP:UV CHAMBR LVH750$789.00 / EACHorder now

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