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CON-TROL-CURE Power Supplies are sold either encased (complete) or unencased. The encased power supply includes all wiring to ballast, control and high voltage DIN Rails (see next page), capacitors, control panel switches, and display meters. It is ready for use upon delivery. The unencased unit contains the power supply and capacitors required for operating a specified UV lamp. No wires or other related components are included. It is an ideal solution for replacing or upgrading components within an aging system.

Con-Trol-Cures Encased Premium Power Supplies include a variety of unique performance features custom designed to match your specific UV lamp specifications.

Our exclusive Lamp Voltage Interface (LVI). Designed specifically to monitor the high voltage draw of UV lamps, the LVIs numeric display can be directly associated with the lamps' voltage consumption. This numeric data can be collected to establish statistical benchmarks and track the lamps performance. Once a baseline is established, lamps requiring replacement can be easily identified prior to causing any production issues.
Thermal-safe overload switch shuts down system to protect against overheating.
Housing fan runs automatically and will shut down once the housing is sufficiently cool.
Control features include: on/off switch, ammeter, hour meter, and indicator lights.
Available in 300, 400, 600, and 750 WPI capacities.
Basic Encased Power Supplies offer 3-level power switching.
Premium Encased Power Supplies offer 8-level power switching.

Dual Encased: Power 2 lighthouse irradiators from 1 unit.
Pre-Wired Unencased: All the components offered in our Basic Encased system, wired together and mounted to a backplate. Allows easy incorporation into your equipment housing. Ideal for applications requiring 4 or more power supplies that require you to construct a centralized control box housing.
Unencased Ballast: Power supply and capacitors required for operating a specified UV lamp. No wires or other related components offered. Ideal for replacing or upgrading components within an aging system.

To integrate unencased ballasts into a 3rd party production system, the end user must provide all necessary mercury relays and appropriate wiring. UV Process Supply can provide recommendations and pricing for related components such as timers, metal housings, and volt interface units.

Replacement ballasts and related components are also available for existing systems. To ensure that you receive the correct parts for your system, please specify wattage, part number, and quantity required. Individual replacement parts for unencased systems, such as capacitors, relays, and wiring, are also available. We can provide customized ballasts to meet your specifications.

Important Note: UV Process Supply does not provide engineering support or technical service for installation. While our ballasts are suitable for emergency power reduction switching, and can be interfaced with temperature sensing devices, etc., the customer must provide all electrical engineering and installation expertise.

For the Basic Power Supply (with 3 power levels), the part number is constructed as follows:
A031 - ### for unencased
A032 - ### for encased

The First "#" represents the first digit of the W/Inch
ie: For an encased 400W/Inch power supply, the part number would be A032-4##.

The next two ## represent the System's Arc Length
ie: For an unencased 300W/Inch power supply, 8" arc length, the part number would be A031-308.

For a Premium Power Supply with 8-level power selection, follow the same number sequence, but add a "P" on the end. (For the standard 3-level power selection, no changes to this number are required.)
ie: For the above item, A031-308, if a Premium Power Supply, the part number would be A031-308P.


CON-TROL-CURE offers 2, fully-wired, ready-to-install DIN rails featuring all internal high/low voltage electrical and switching components for interfacing your ballast and UV lamp. System includes:

Main Power/Control DIN Rail
Pre-wired, 2-position mounting bracket incorporates all switching relays (including mercury), timer, fuses and grounding. Color-coded and numerically-coded with diagrams for quick, error-free installation.

High Power DIN Rail
Pre-wired, 2-position mounting bracket includes high/low/medium volt interface (up to 2000W) and grounding on 2-position mounting bracket. Color-coded and numerically-coded with diagrams for quick, error-free installation.
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Part No.Desc.PriceOrder
A003-002EQUIP:BLST 8IN 300WPI$2,375.00 / EACHorder now
A003-003EQUIP:BLST 1600W UNENC$490.00 / EACHorder now
A003-011SHUTTERED:AIR CYLINDER$69.00 / EACHorder now
A004-002CAP:BRACKET 3 1/2"$8.00 / EACHorder now
A004-007CAP:JUMPER$12.00 / EACHorder now
A004-009CAPACITOR:CHASSIS (4)$41.00 / EACHorder now
A031-306EQBL:UNENCS 6IN 300$846.00 / EACHorder now
A031-308EQBL:ENCS 8IN 300WPI$1,164.00 / EACHorder now
A031-310EQBL:UNENCS 10IN 300W$1,239.00 / EACHorder now
A031-312EQBL:UNENCS 12IN 300W$1,390.00 / EACHorder now
A031-315EQBL:UNENCS 15IN 300W$1,250.00 / EACHorder now
A031-318EQBL:UNENCS 18IN 300W$1,665.00 / EACHorder now
A031-320EQBL:UNENCS 20IN 300W$1,300.00 / EACHorder now
A031-325EQBL:UNENCS 25IN 300W$2,635.00 / EACHorder now
A031-330EQBL:UNENCS 30IN 300W$1,406.00 / EACHorder now
A031-332EQBL:UNENCS 32IN 300W$1,504.00 / EACHorder now
A031-338EQBL:UNENCS 38IN 300W$2,184.00 / EACHorder now
A031-342EQBL:UNENCS 42IN 300W$3,259.00 / EACHorder now
A031-348EQBL:UNENCS 48IN 300W$5,550.00 / EACHorder now
A031-350EQBL:UNENCS 50IN 300W$2,749.00 / EACHorder now
A031-355EQBL:UNENCS 5IN 300W$2,344.00 / EACHorder now
A031-360EQBL:UNENCS 60IN 300W$2,230.00 / EACHorder now
A031-365EQBL:UNENCS 65IN 300W$2,432.00 / EACHorder now
A031-372EQBL:UNENCS 72IN 300W$2,694.00 / EACHorder now
A031-377EQBL:UNENCS 77IN 300W$2,900.00 / EACHorder now
A031-406EQBL:UNENCS 6IN 400W$1,281.00 / EACHorder now
A031-408EQBL:UNENCS 8IN 400W$1,281.00 / EACHorder now
A031-410EQBL:UNENCS 10IN 400W$1,281.00 / EACHorder now
A031-412EQBL:UNENCS 12IN 400W$1,295.00 / EACHorder now
A031-415EQBL:UNENCS 15IN 400W$1,625.00 / EACHorder now
A031-418EQBL:UNENCS 18IN 400W$1,490.00 / EACHorder now
A031-420EQBL:UNENCS 20IN 400W$1,490.00 / EACHorder now
A031-425EQBL:UNENCS 25IN 400W$1,769.00 / EACHorder now
A031-426EQBL:UNENCS 26IN 400W$2,379.00 / EACHorder now
A031-430EQBL:UNENCS 30IN 400W$1,769.00 / EACHorder now
A031-432EQBL:UNENCS 32IN 400W$1,769.00 / EACHorder now
A031-434EQBL:UNENCS 34IN 400W$1,769.00 / EACHorder now
A031-438EQBL:UNENCS 38IN 400W$2,379.00 / EACHorder now
A031-442EQBL:UNENCS 42IN 400w$2,379.00 / EACHorder now
A031-448EQBL:UNENCS 48IN 400W$2,379.00 / EACHorder now
A031-450EQBL:UNENCS 50IN 400W$2,430.00 / EACHorder now
A031-455EQBL:UNENCS 55IN 400W$2,567.00 / EACHorder now
A031-460EQBL:UNENCS 60IN 400W$2,737.00 / EACHorder now
A031-465EQBL:UNENCS 65IN 400W$4,375.00 / EACHorder now
A031-472EQBL:UNENCS 72IN 400W$3,284.00 / EACHorder now
A031-477EQBL:UNENCS 77IN 400W$3,511.00 / EACHorder now
A032-306EQBPS:BSC ENC 6IN 300W$4,346.00 / EACHorder now
A032-306PEQPPS:PRE ENC 6IN 300W$4,995.00 / EACHorder now
A032-308EQBPS:BSC ENC 8IN 300W$4,620.00 / EACHorder now
A032-308PEQPPS:PRE ENC 8IN 300W$5,315.00 / EACHorder now
A032-310EQBPS:BSC ENC10IN 300W$4,680.00 / EACHorder now
A032-310PEQPPS:PRE ENC10IN 300W$5,380.00 / EACHorder now
A032-312EQBPS:BSC ENC12IN 300W$4,660.00 / EACHorder now
A032-312PEQPPS:PRE ENC12IN 300W$5,360.00 / EACHorder now
A032-318EQBPS:BSC ENC18IN 300W$4,702.00 / EACHorder now
A032-318PEQBPS:BSC ENC18IN 300W$5,410.00 / EACHorder now
A032-320EQBPS:BSC ENC20IN 300W$4,750.00 / EACHorder now
A032-325EQBPS:BSC ENC25IN 300W$6,375.00 / EACHorder now
A032-325PEQPPS:PRE ENC25IN 300W$6,610.00 / EACHorder now
A032-332EQBPS:BSC ENC32IN 300W$6,046.00 / EACHorder now
A032-332PEQPPS:PRE ENC32IN 300W$6,790.00 / EACHorder now
A032-338EQBPS:BSC ENC38IN 300W$6,694.00 / EACHorder now
A032-338PEQPPS:PRE ENC38IN 300W$7,460.00 / EACHorder now
A032-342EQBPS:BSC ENC42IN 300W$6,899.00 / EACHorder now
A032-342PEQPPS:PRE ENC42IN 300W$7,695.00 / EACHorder now
A032-348EQBPS:BSC ENC48IN 300W$7,250.00 / EACHorder now
A032-348PEQPPS:PRE ENC48IN 300W$7,855.00 / EACHorder now
A032-350EQBPS:BSC ENC50IN 300W$8,059.00 / EACHorder now
A032-350PEQPPS:PRE ENC50IN 300W$8,890.00 / EACHorder now
A032-355EQBPS:BSC ENC55IN 300W$8,343.00 / EACHorder now
A032-355PEQPPS:PRE ENC55IN 300W$9,220.00 / EACHorder now
A032-360EQBPS:BSC ENC60IN 300W$8,144.00 / EACHorder now
A032-360PEQPPS:PRE ENC60IN 300W$8,990.00 / EACHorder now
A032-365EQBPS:BSC ENC65IN 300W$8,338.00 / EACHorder now
A032-365PEQPPS:PRE ENC65IN 300W$9,210.00 / EACHorder now
A032-372EQBPS:BSC ENC72IN 300W$8,694.00 / EACHorder now
A032-372PEQPPS:PRE ENC72IN 300W$9,625.00 / EACHorder now
A032-377EQBPS:BSC ENC77IN 300W$9,950.00 / EACHorder now
A032-377PEQPPS:PRE ENC77IN 300W$9,960.00 / EACHorder now
A032-406EQBPS:BSC ENC 6IN 400W$4,455.00 / EACHorder now
A032-406PEQPPS:PRE ENC 6IN 400W$5,125.00 / EACHorder now
A032-408EQBPS:BSC ENC 8IN 400W$4,600.00 / EACHorder now
A032-408PEQPPS:PRE ENC 8IN 400W$5,295.00 / EACHorder now
A032-410EQBPS:BSC ENC 10IN400W$4,750.00 / EACHorder now
A032-410PEQPPS:PRE ENC 10IN400W$5,465.00 / EACHorder now
A032-412EQBPS:BSC ENC 12IN400W$4,975.00 / EACHorder now
A032-412PEQPPS:PRE ENC 12IN400W$5,475.00 / EACHorder now
A032-418EQBPS:BSC ENC 18IN400W$5,995.00 / EACHorder now
A032-418PEQPPS:PRE ENC 18IN400W$6,255.00 / EACHorder now
A032-420EQBPS:BSC ENC 20IN400W$5,498.00 / EACHorder now
A032-425EQBPS:BSC ENC 25IN400W$6,598.00 / EACHorder now
A032-425PEQPPS:PRE ENC 25IN400W$7,425.00 / EACHorder now
A032-432EQBPS:BSC ENC 32IN400W$6,628.00 / EACHorder now
A032-432PEQPPS:PRE ENC 32IN400W$7,425.00 / EACHorder now
A032-435EQBPS:BSC ENC 35IN400W$5,528.00 / EACHorder now
A032-438EQBPS:BSC ENC 38IN400W$7,180.00 / EACHorder now
A032-438PEQPPS:PRE ENC 38IN400W$8,015.00 / EACHorder now
A032-442EQBPS:BSC ENC 42IN400W$8,684.00 / EACHorder now
A032-442PEQPPS:PRE ENC 42IN400W$8,270.00 / EACHorder now
A032-448EQBPS:BSC ENC 48IN400W$9,925.00 / EACHorder now
A032-448PEQPPS:PRE ENC 48IN400W$8,650.00 / EACHorder now
A032-450EQBPS:BSC ENC 50IN400W$8,915.00 / EACHorder now
A032-450PEQPPS:PRE ENC 50IN400W$9,875.00 / EACHorder now
A032-455EQBPS:BSC ENC 55IN400W$9,010.00 / EACHorder now
A032-455PEQPPS:PRE ENC 55IN400W$9,985.00 / EACHorder now
A032-460EQBPS:BSC ENC 60IN400W$9,284.00 / EACHorder now
A032-460PEQPPS:PRE ENC 60IN400W$10,300.00 / EACHorder now
A032-465EQBPS:BSC ENC 65IN400W$9,558.00 / EACHorder now
A032-465PEQPPS:PRE ENC 65IN400W$10,615.00 / EACHorder now
A032-472EQBPS:BSC ENC 72IN400W$9,939.00 / EACHorder now
A032-472PEQPPS:PRE ENC 72IN400W$11,055.00 / EACHorder now
A032-477EQBPS:BSC ENC 77IN400W$10,214.00 / EACHorder now
A032-477PEQPPS:PRE ENC 77IN400W$11,370.00 / EACHorder now

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