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The AWT PRO-ANGLE 2 SCOOP COATERS are the newest version which features both thick and thin sides for the desired coverage with any emulsion. The deeper trough saves both time and money, especially when coating large or multiple frames. With a capacity for twice the emulsion of traditional scoop coaters, the Pro-Angle 2 reduces the number of refills between passes.

All Pro-Angle coaters are made from top-quality extruded aluminum, balanced and calibrated to lay down a uniform coating every time, All-metal construction withstands even the most severe shop environments and features a hard, anodized gold aluminum finish for added durability. The coaters have permanent, recessed end caps that are drilled, tapped, and screwed into position to catch emulsion overflow. The convenient anti-tip design allows you to put down the scoop coater without spillage, saving on emulsion and cleanup time.

The Pro-Angle 2 includes a combination edge guard/dust cover to protect against nicks, keep debris out of the emulsion and prolong the life of emulsion left in the trough.
Choosing the proper size coater. The scoop coater should have an outside dimension of 3 larger than your image area. For example, if your image area is 10 you should order a 13 scoop coater. The end caps are recessed at per side (1 total) to capture any emulsion overflow. In addition, the coating area should extend 1 per side (2 total) beyond the image area. Make sure your scoop coater fits within your frame.

A.W.T. Pro-Angle 2 Dual Edge Scoop Coaters Are Sold By The Outside Dimension:

UVPS No. E144-088: Mfg. No. SC2-02 Pro-Angle 2 Dual Edge Coater - 01 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-089: Mfg. No. SC2-03 Pro-Angle 2 Dual Edge Coater - 02 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-090: Mfg. No. SC2-04 Pro-Angle 2 Dual Edge Coater - 03 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-091: Mfg. No. SC2-05 Pro-Angle 2 Dual Edge Coater - 04 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-092: Mfg. No. SC2-06 Pro-Angle 2 Dual Edge Coater - 05 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-093: Mfg. No. SC2-07 Pro-Angle 2 Dual Edge Coater - 06 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-094: Mfg. No. SC2-08 Pro-Angle 2 Dual Edge Coater - 07 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-095: Mfg. No. SC2-09 Pro-Angle 2 Dual Edge Coater - 08 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-096: Mfg. No. SC2-10 Pro-Angle 2 Dual Edge Coater - 09 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-097: Mfg. No. SC2-11 Pro-Angle 2 Dual Edge Coater -10 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-098: Mfg. No. SC2-12 Pro-Angle 2 Dual Edge Coater -11 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-099: Mfg. No. SC2-13 Pro-Angle 2 Dual Edge Coater -12 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-100: Mfg. No. SC2-14 Pro-Angle 2 Dual Edge Coater -13 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-101: Mfg. No. SC2-15 Pro-Angle 2 Dual Edge Coater -14 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-102: Mfg. No. SC2-16 Pro-Angle 2 Dual Edge Coater -15 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-103: Mfg. No. SC2-17 Pro-Angle 2 Dual Edge Coater -16 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-104: Mfg. No. SC2-18 Pro-Angle 2 Dual Edge Coater -17 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-105: Mfg. No. SC2-19 Pro-Angle 2 Dual Edge Coater -18 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-106: Mfg. No. SC2-20 Pro-Angle 2 Dual Edge Coater -19 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-107: Mfg. No. SC2-22 Pro-Angle 2 Dual Edge Coater - 21 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-108: Mfg. No. SC2-24 Pro-Angle 2 Dual Edge Coater - 23 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-109: Mfg. No. SC2-26 Pro-Angle 2 Dual Edge Coater - 25 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-110: Mfg. No. SC2-28 Pro-Angle 2 Dual Edge Coater - 27 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-111: Mfg. No. SC2-30 Pro-Angle 2 Dual Edge Coater - 29 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-112: Mfg. No. SC2-32 Pro-Angle 2 Dual Edge Coater - 31 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-113: Mfg. No. SC2-34 Pro-Angle 2 Dual Edge Coater - 33 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-114: Mfg. No. SC2-36 Pro-Angle 2 Dual Edge Coater - 35 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-115: Mfg. No. SC2-38 Pro-Angle 2 Dual Edge Coater - 37 Coating Area
UVPS No. E144-116: Mfg. No. SC2-40 Pro-Angle 2 Dual Edge Coater - 39 Coating Area

Scoop Coater Sizes Up To 144 Inches Are Available Please Inquire

FOB Chicago Factory

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Part No.Desc.PriceOrder
E144-088SCAWT2:2" OD DUAL EDGE$22.75 / EACHorder now
E144-089SCAWT2:3" OD DUAL EDGE$24.25 / EACHorder now
E144-090SCAWT2:4" OD DUAL EDGE$25.50 / EACHorder now
E144-091SCAWT2:5" OD DUAL EDGE$26.75 / EACHorder now
E144-092SCAWT2:6" OD DUAL EDGE$27.25 / EACHorder now
E144-093SCAWT2:7" OD DUAL EDGE$28.00 / EACHorder now
E144-094SCAWT2:8" OD DUAL EDGE$28.50 / EACHorder now
E144-095SCAWT2:9" OD DUAL EDGE$29.25 / EACHorder now
E144-096SCAWT2:10" OD DUALEDGE$30.00 / EACHorder now
E144-097SCAWT2:11" OD DUALEDGE$30.50 / EACHorder now
E144-098SCAWT2:12" OD DUALEDGE$31.25 / EACHorder now
E144-099SCAWT2:13" OD DUALEDGE$32.00 / EACHorder now
E144-100SCAWT2:14" OD DUALEDGE$32.50 / EACHorder now
E144-101SCAWT2:15" OD DUALEDGE$33.25 / EACHorder now
E144-102SCAWT2:16" OD DUALEDGE$34.00 / EACHorder now
E144-103SCAWT2:17" OD DUALEDGE$35.00 / EACHorder now
E144-104SCAWT2:18" OD DUALEDGE$36.50 / EACHorder now
E144-105SCAWT2:19" OD DUALEDGE$37.50 / EACHorder now
E144-106SCAWT2:20" OD DUALEDGE$39.00 / EACHorder now
E144-107SCAWT2:22" OD DUALEDGE$41.50 / EACHorder now
E144-108SCAWT2:24" OD DUALEDGE$43.75 / EACHorder now
E144-109SCAWT2:26" OD DUALEDGE$46.50 / EACHorder now
E144-110SCAWT2:28" OD DUALEDGE$49.00 / EACHorder now
E144-111SCAWT2:30" OD DUALEDGE$51.50 / EACHorder now
E144-112SCAWT2:32" OD DUALEDGE$54.00 / EACHorder now
E144-113SCAWT2:34" OD DUALEDGE$56.50 / EACHorder now
E144-114SCAWT2:36" OD DUALEDGE$59.25 / EACHorder now
E144-115SCAWT2:38" OD DUALEDGE$61.75 / EACHorder now
E144-116SCAWT2:40" OD DUALEDGE$66.25 / EACHorder now

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