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The UV-DATALOGGER USB is a small, self-contained, high quality UV monitoring instrument for long-term data recording.
+ Wireless data acquisition
+ Long-term data acquisition (up to 3 months)
+ High sampling rate (up to 1/s)
+ UV-intensity mW/cm2
+ Up to 5 different UV-bands available
+ USB connection
+ Graphic chart on PC
+ Evaluation software
+ Optical light guide for high temperature (optional)
+ High-pressure housing for water disinfection available
+ Simple installation

It is designed to measure and record UV energy in mW/cm2 e.g. of low pressure HG lamps for the water purification. Various customer specific configurations are available and in conjunction with a high pressure, water proof sensor housing it is particularly suitable to monitor UV-energy of water disinfection installations. It is available with different UV-sensors in up to five different UV-bands (UV-A, UV-B, UV-C, UV-V –Diazo- or full UV).In the basic version the UV-Datalogger USB consists of the measuring head, which is fixed to the lamp housing, and the removable USB recording stick. The UV-Datalogger USB is also available with an optional flexible optical light guide and SMA socket to enable measuring in high temperature areas (up to 350 °C/ 660°F). The detachable USB stick can record up to 32.000 measuring results.

The sampling rate decreases reciprocally in relation to the recording period. At the highest sampling rate of 1 sec the maximum recording period is approx. 9 hrs, while at a sampling rate of 5 min the recording period reaches 3 months.The UV-Datasampler USB comes with a special evaluation software for downloading the data to a computer to show, edit and store a history of the monitoring results of the entire measuring period as graphic charts (mW/cm2) The UV-Datalogger USB is available in various versions and five different measuring ranges:

UV-Datalogger USB, Type 1 UV-V (Diazo) 350 – 460 nm
UV-Datalogger USB, Type 2 UV-A 315 – 400 nm
UV-Datalogger USB, Type 3 UV 230 – 410 nm (STD)
UV-Datalogger USB, Type 4 UV-B 280 – 315 nm
UV-Datalogger USB, Type 5 UV-C 230 – 280 nm
UV-Datalogger USB, water-proof, Type 5 UV-C 230 – 280 nm
UV-Datalogger USB, light guide, Type 1 UV-V (Diazo) 350 – 460 nm
UV-Datalogger USB, light guide, Type 2 UV-A 315 – 400 nm
UV-Datalogger USB, light guide, Type 3 UV 230 – 410 nm (STD)
\UV-Datalogger USB, light guide, Type 4 UV-B 280 – 315 nm
\UV-Datalogger USB, light guide, Type 5 UV-C 230 – 280 nm

Spectral ranges: UV 230 – 410 nm (Standard) or other
Max. Power Input 0 to 3,000 mW/cm2
Display: via PC
Software: Easylog USB
Sampling rate: 1 sec to 5 min (reciprocal to recording period)
Recording period: 9 hrs to 3 months (reciprocal to sampling rate)
Power source: long life 3.6 V Lithium Battery
Battery service life: 1 year
Dimensions: Ø 1.5” (40 mm) x 3” (75 mm)
Weight: approx. 6 ounce (200 g)
Operating temperature: 32 to 113° F / 0 to 45° C
Optical light guide: 2 meter (80”) length, up to 350 °C/ 660°F (optional)
Memory:: 32.000 measuring results
Base Accuracy: ± 5 %

In order to keep its full function and precision it is recommended to have re-calibration done once per year. Re-calibration will also be necessary after change of battery. PTB traceable calibration with certificate.

1. Please avoid shaking the UV-Datalogger USB.
2. Do not expose to excessive heat.
3. UV-light is hazardous to your health. Avoid direct UV-light to your eyes and to your body.
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Part No.Desc.PriceOrder
M007-624RADM UV-DATALOG USB T1$1,400.00 / EACHorder now
M007-625RADM UV-DATALOG USB T2$1,400.00 / EACHorder now
M007-626RADM UV-DATALOG USB T3$1,400.00 / EACHorder now
M007-627RADM UV-DATALOG USB T4$1,460.00 / EACHorder now
M007-628RADM UV-DATALOG USB T5$1,440.00 / EACHorder now
M007-629RADM UV-DATALOG USB WP$2,860.00 / EACHorder now
M007-630RADM UV-DATALG USBLGT1$1,904.00 / EACHorder now
M007-631RADM UV-DLOG USB LG T2$1,904.00 / EACHorder now
M007-632RADM UV-DLOG LG T3$1,904.00 / EACHorder now
M007-633RADM UV-DLOG USB LG T4$2,040.00 / EACHorder now
M007-634RADM UV-DLOG USB LG T5$2,124.00 / EACHorder now

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