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We are pleased to offer a selection of Max Daetwyler Corporation [MDC] Doctor Blades, which have been proven and patented for Gravure, Flexo and Specialty Printing applications. With several different styles and a variety of sizes now available online, most general requirements can be met but if you do not see what you are looking for, please let us know.

Equipped with an anilox roller/doctor blade combination as an inking system, flexo printing presses are available in sizes ranging from 8 to over 157 inches. While midsize and larger machines are often equipped with enclosed doctor blade systems, the smaller presses generally use single reverse-angle blade systems. With printing speeds that vary from 160 to 1450 per minute, wiping doctor blades are always applied in a reverse angle somewhere between 30-40 degrees and due to the abrasive surface of ceramic anliox rollers, minimal blade pressure is always recommended. The relationship between cell configurations [shape/count] and blade tip thicknesses is also very important for the life of a doctor blade. The flexo industry primarily utilizes blades that are 0.008 inch thick [sometimes 0.006] and enclosed blade systems do not require a back-up blade. Depending on the application, inks are metered with the use of blades with lamella, rounded or beveled edges and as a rule a thinner edge allows for a cleaner wipe. For example, in high quality process printing, the label industry uses a lamella as thin as 75 microns!

Providing additional thickness for strength and allowing for straight mounting without deviation, the one-piece construction of the DAETWYLER LAMELLA ONE STEP DOCTOR BLADES eliminates the need for a backup blade.

UV Spitting: The Right Doctor Blade

Extremely enhanced, high quality graphics characterize UV flexo printing, but even with the tremendous strides being made within the industry, the phenomenon of UV spitting still persists. Although there is wide disagreement as to its cause, the fact remains that compared with water and solvent-based inks, thicker UV inks simply transfer differently onto the press. These thixotropic properties contribute to the spitting that occurs when UV inks are released from the anilox roll to be metered by the doctor blade and finally transferred to the plate. What exactly is happening?

Visualize your windshield wipers on high speed while water is wiped thoroughly off the glass, allowing you to see clearly. Now, imagine a thin coat of slushy ice on your window. Because the slushy ice is thicker than water, ice spits behind and under the wiper leaving residue on your window. If you reduce the wiper to 1/4 its size in width, the ability to wipe away the slushy ice is enhanced because the wiper flexibility is reduced, resulting in a cleaner wipe and sharper view.

This analogy well illustrates what happens with UV inks. When you increase your press speed as the anilox roller is turning, the UV ink resists itself to transfer. If you increase your blade thickness, the doctor blade will not deflect as much while it meters the ink, but the ink film thickness is compromised, resulting in a finished product that is less than desirable.

As the largest doctor blade manufacturer in the world, Daetwyler responded to these pressroom headaches by focusing on the specific characteristics of the doctor blade to develop a patented solution that incorporates the alloys and design adjustments required to eliminate or substantially minimize UV spitting without sacrificing print results.

The One-Step specialty doctor blade has been precision engineered to be thicker at the base [where the blade is installed in the holder] and which extends close to the contact metering point. The tip maintains the quality and characteristics of the MDC lamella edge but the One-Steps unique design allows the thicker ink to meter itself consistently without hydroplaning due to the strengthened base. All of this means that now you can maintain high quality print graphics while saving both time and money by eliminating or substantially reducing spitting problems.

MDC Doctor Blade Advantages
- Provides consistent control of ink film thicknesses
- Increases anilox roller and gravure cylinder life because less pressure is needed
- Requires fewer blade changes resulting in less equipment downtime and material waste
- Can be used for chrome or ceramic anilox rollers, mechanically or laser engraved
- Can be used for chemically etched, electronically or laser engraved cylinders
- Can be used for solvent or water-based inks and coatings

Handling & Storage of Doctor Blades
- Blades should be stored in a clean dry place and remain packaged until ready to use
- Care should be taken to protect the blade tip
- Pre-honed doctor blades do not require re-sharpening or honing
- When examining your blade edge, carefully use your fingernailremember its sharp
- Safety gloves should be used whenever possible when handling doctor blades
- Clean doctor blade steel can be recycled.

Tariff Code (Schedule B) for Metal Doctor Blades is 8208.90

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